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Kantar is a data, insights and consulting company that was founded in 1992. It has more than 30,000 employees working in 100 countries in various research disciplines, including social media monitoring, advertising effectiveness, consumer and shopper behavior and public opinion. It is part of WPP, and its global headquarters are in London, UK.


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"La mayoría de los lideres no están preparados para serlo. La dirección general es muy gris. Recursos humanos muy gris. Si no estás en servicio a cliente las posibilidades de crecer son muy pocas."

Exempleado - Empleado anónimo says

"Todo era muy bonito, era un gran lugar para trabajar, ahora es un lugar horriblemente oscuro."

Empleado actual - Manager says

"Plantilla envejecida, gestión ineficaz y nula innovación,"

Exempleado - Project Manager says

"Sueldo ajustado, poco crecimiento, mucha rotacion, mandos autoritarios"

Director De Área says

"Los sueldos, las oficinas son muy feas, hay directores que son viven en un mundo aparte. Dependiendo el puesto existen posibilidades de crecimiento pero los sueldos son tan malos que probablemente te vayas antes de tener una oportunidad, si te quedas es para preocuparse. Los beneficios son nulos. El equipo de RRHH no existe."

Research Executive says

"sueldos muy malos, muy pocas posibilidades de crecimiento y desarrollo profesional. Es imposible moverse de sector con vistas a crecer. Hay 2/3 cargos por sector que estan acomodados el 80% de los empleados se mata trabajando por dos mangos."

Ejecutivo de investigación sénior says

"Jefes terribles, totalmente desorganizada, entre otras cosas."

Exempleado - Analista Senior says

"Ambiente laboral , el area de finanzas"

Empleado actual - Account Manager says

"Cargas de trabajo rudas Poca estabilidad Estrategia hacia la automatizacion"

Exempleado - Asistente De Talento Humano says

"Ambiente laboral regular Desigualdad en funciones Falta de claridad en roles"

Market Research Interviewer (Former Employee) says

"zero hours contract , you only get paid if you meet your quota targets . slavery. not worth it. here's how you get hired at Cuntor. pants down, bend over and hope for the best!!"

Researcher (Former Employee) says

"Don't work there. Low salary, working till late evening hours, empty promises about pay rise or promotions, lies, constant pressure, lack of support from the management, no Christmas bonuses instead parties with unlimited alcohol (to help employees forget about their low salaries, perhaps?). Avoid this place!"

Quality Assurance Investigator (Former Employee) says

"Shocking company that doesn’t care about staff, career advancement or professional development. It’s a case of “jobs for the boys” where only the people who are pally with management ever advance, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the same position for years. The company is structured to favour those working in sales who get a company card and seemingly endless team lunches while the rest of us are lucky to get a 2% pay rise each year. Unless you’re desperate for a job, avoid this place like the plague."

Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Give this company a miss... They cause more hassle than anything. Pay not as good as they make out. Expenses don't get paid straight away Expect too much People don't want to give out personal details."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"bad company culture confusion in management phones all day talking about rubbish equipment fun coworkers cool lunch breaks regular meeting with management about childish topicshour luncheverything"

Panel Advisor (Former Employee) says

"not really any room for progression not really organised as a company dull tasks long hours fixed salary bands great people team spirit is high across the companyLong hours"

Call Centre Representative (Former Employee) says

"I hated it. Look at the Team Leader's. Arrogant manner. Micromanagement. I have never felt so belittled by a child. Boring work. Non enclosed bench space. Issues hearing when all chairs are full.Near Mascot Train stationLook at the Team Leaders. Little and arrogant"

Spanish Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"It is a not nice place to work at all. I Too many calls, no time to rest, too many people in a tiny place, phones are too old, it is really too loud, many managers are unfriendly."

Technicien support applicatif (Former Employee) says

"Kantar Media Puteaux pourrait être quelque chose de bien malheureusement les managers sont promu au gré de leurs incompétences (les visibles). Résultats l'entreprise marche sur la tête. L'outil principal fonctionne mieux en cliquant sur "annuler" que sur "valider" depuis près de 10 ans c'est dit le je menfoutisme des personnes. L'entreprise ne gère plus rien et tout se passe à Londres. C'est les réponses des RH. Une entreprise qui se voile la face. C'est triste. Bref, ça fait une jolie ligne dans le CV mais FUYEZ dès que vous trouverez mieux (je dis ça pour votre santé mentale). À l'IT, plus de projet, plus de gestion d'équipe et certain responsable qui font de la couverture médiatique au lieu de bosser. Retournez apprendre le management et laisser faire ceux dont c'est le métier.Euh...Tout est dit plus bas"

Field Interviewer (Former Employee) says

"High staff turnover with little chance to advance. Large loss of major contracts and projects going online mean very little work. Low pay or no pay. Head Office staff pretty much see you as inferior and alien to the business. Never had any real support in the 3 years I worked for them. With the rise of identity theft it has become harder engage with the general public. As they are rightfully suspicious of giving out personal details.working outsidelong hours and no pay"

Night Editor (Current Employee) says

"Being made redundant, because the company found it to be more cost effective to transfer our work to India. Generally negative office atmosphere, with little to no chance of job progression. Refusal to pay overtime.Lots of free time between shifts, as it's night work with one week on and week off.No job security, no chance moving up. Generally negative place to work, with many cases of refusal to pay overtime"

Documentalista (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente de trabajo fue malo entre los compañeros.horario continuadosalario"

Panel Communications Advisor (Former Employee) says

"This is one of the worst places to work. a typical day involves being misled by managers who have no idea what they are doing. You are misinformed about procedure, the level of communication is poor. you are then blamed for everything that goes wrong in the department. Management then overload you with work and pay you less then average. the politics and poor staff morale is visible. people are leaving constantly, lack of respect for staff and ability, and organisation is in chaos. The company has lost all credentials of being best workplace.This company is a disaster. Good luck to anyone who joins you will be looking for another place very shortly.nonemany"

Manager Finance (Current Employee) says

"Training to employee on Product knowledge, New Business development, Induction program. A place where one can learn and grow. Work apreciation and quarterly awards.Friendly cultureEmployee turnaround"

Client Analyst (Former Employee) says

"They set impossible standards and then give you no access to information to try to meet those standards. Management is a joke. Most of the managers aren't even in the same city, much less the same office as you. The people in the office are nice enough but too busy to actually help. Their training is a joke. They spend one week bombarding you with information and then treat you like you are incompetent when you ask questions. It's an absolutely horrible place to work.noneeverything"

investigador de mercados (Former Employee) says

"no recomendaría jamas trabajar en esta empresa trabaje como investigador de mercados aprox. 8 meses cotizas en el seguro social con el salario mas bajo, te hacen firmar tu renuncia por anticipado, los pagos en algunos proyectos son muy desfasados aveces mas de 2 semanas(b3). las encuestas se realizan a través de una tablet, las cuales pueden durar entre 1 hora o mas. segun ellos sus encuestas van grabadas de principio a fin pero jamas te mostraran una completa solo de lo que ellos llaman filtros. en fin siempre ven la forma de pagarte menos, los cordinadores son unos despotas sobre todo en los proyectos de b3 donde entran y salen investigadores y supervisores muy seguido. los mas dificil del trabajo es no tener sueldo base. capacitación nula o muy poca,es un trabajopoco salario, sol, sin prestaciones"

Market Research Interviewer (Former Employee) says

"I had to telephone companies and households in the UK to conduct research studies. The job was simple to do. I learned how to deal with all different kinds of people. I also learnt how to use cati systems and type whilst talking to the respondant on the phone. The management was good. They made sure that their staff knew exactly what was going on. The co-workers were always willing to help me out if I had an issue. The hardest part of the job was having to deal with rude customers. The most enjoyable part of the job was speaking to nice customers.good moneyunsociable hours"

Market Researcher (Former Employee) says

"Well they don't actually tell you this on the advert, but this job is pure cold calling - knocking on doors & basically pestering people to answer questions. You ONLY get paid for completed surveys. So say you spend all day knocking on doors but no one wants to answer their questions you get nothing for the time you spent. I'm just very sorry they weren't honest enough to make this clear on their job advert."

Director (Former Employee) says

"This company thinks it competes with the big players but is really a failing start up. Senior management is not engaged and the research team is led by egotistical and back biting managers. This is a very small company with minimal revenue, therefore they penny pinch the regular employees, especially in travel... Where you need to make ridiculous connections and stay in sub standard hotels while traveling. Working in BostonManagement"

Research Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for a few years and was finally able to get out. Salary increases and bonuses are only for upper management. Staff, managers, and non-directors are expected to work year-over-year without an increase in salary. As employees leave, the work is shuffled out to the remaining staff, but the salary is not. If you are unaccountable and don't have a clue, then this is the place for you.Hint: You can do better ANYwhere else.low/no ethics shown by senior management/very political"

Doops says

"Took me quite a while to hit the first threshold of points to get a reward (not their fault). But after I did, I selected for my £5 reward to go into my PayPal account...well, it been weeks and no £5. I’ve had no response to any communication and if I don’t hear anything by Friday, I will be deleting my account. Seems like I’m just feeding some random company my personal spending habits for nothing."

Catherine Mulcahy says

"Mis-sold me their clipping service as said I could cancel with one months notice and also missed press coverage so what is the point of having a clipping service when they don't pick up the media clippings. Would not use again - very negative experience dealing with this company."